Sunday, March 28, 2010

My New Decor And More

I decide to update my website, the template I used was kind of boring after changing it back from the Christmas theme but now it's bright and cheery. I hope that it's not too dificult to read with the contrasting colours in the background. I like the quilt, it isn't complicated but it is bright and colourful.

My son has been getting into woodworking in the past few months. He is using his grandfather's woodworking shop and getting to know how to operate all of the tools. He built a shelf for his grandparents' bathroom and he just finished a toy box for the great-grandchildrens' toys. There is even a shelf for the Hot Wheels cars, so they are easy to reach. He added a few embellishments, a hunter on horeseback and hunting dogs made of metal. His grandfather really likes it, he said it was the nicest toy box he's ever seen.

Now he is refinishing an old school desk and chair for the kids. He got the old oak desk, which needed a new top, and I gave him a small oak school chair I had that matched the desk. I'm glad he's enjoying his new hobby.