Monday, February 23, 2009

The Settler's Village, Bobcaygeon, Ontario

My husband and I go camping every summer at Emily Provincial Park in Omeemee, Ontario, near Peterborough. One day we decided to tour one of the local towns and see what attractions we could find. We decided to go north 20 km. to Bobcaygeon.
In the town of Bobcaygeon was a pleasant surprise, a Settler's Village right in town. The location was quite unusual, we didn't expect much, but it was worth taking a look.
There was no Admission fee, just a donation when you leave, if you wish to make one. A tour guide took us around and unlocked the buildings, one by one, they don't get much traffic. Now I will give you a tour.
trapper's cabin

interior of cabin


firetruck being restored

interior of schoolhouse

teaching requirements 1870


interior of shanty

Fairbairn Church

interior of church

19th century home

the Muir house

general store

the Duggan house

the Boyd shanty

the totem pole seems out of place here

the Jail

the blacksmith's shop

the barn

the honey shack

What is it?

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