Friday, February 13, 2009

Collecting - Vintage Tins

I have accumulated a small collection of tins from yard sales over the past years. I like the old decorative biscuit tins in different shapes and sizes. I have an Art Deco tin, I nicknamed the 'bambi' tin, it is a sort of square-shaped tin with different scenes on each side, a rabbit, a fawn, a stag and a hunter.

I have some floral tins in different shapes and colours and a tin with a scene of British Columbia
on the top with different sights of interest on the sides. I bought a tin at a yard sale with an old cottage scene on it, full of vintage buttons and sewing notions. The notions were for sale, the tin was just a container for them.

I have some vintage scotch tape tins, cocoa tins, inkpads, a fish-hook tin, even an unopened tin of corn I bought because I liked the graphics on the label.

My most unusual tin is what started my collection, a small specimen tin from the Parke Davis Company when they had a plant in Sandwich, and there's a picture of the plant on it. I bought it at a local antique show and sale about 20 years ago.

The most expensive tin I bought was a commemorative tin of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. It was in real good condition so I didn't mind paying what they were asking, which was less than half of the value. It was a gift for my mother-in-law who has a large collection.

Here are some of the tins in my collection.

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  1. i love to collecting tins . your collection beautiful.