Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Boat Restoration Project

My husband and I decided to buy a small boat to take up north with us when we go camping, the going rate there for a boat rental is about $100 a day, so we have only been able to go out during the day, when the boat was available. We want to go out when the fishing is good, early in the morning or later at night. We were looking for a few months, and the price was more than we were willing to pay. He mentioned it at work and there was a UPS driver there that was trying to sell his boat. He said it was an older
fibreglass one, and he had it out the year before. we looked at it, and for the price he was asking, we thought it was a good deal. It's a 15' fibreglass boat, with a 1963 Evinrude outboard, original motor, paint and water skis. We had the motor checked out and it just needs the normal maintenance, hoses and impeller, it's in good shape, but it's big. The boat is seaworthy, but it needs work. The frame needs some re-inforcing and the transom is in need of repair, it isn't strong enough to hold the motor securely. the seats are upholstered in blue vinyl and are in good shape. The wiring for the boat and trailer lights are good. I think it will not be too difficult to get it restored.

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