Thursday, February 26, 2009

Country Auctions - What's in the box?

I love going to country auctions and estate auctions, there are lots of bargains to be had at these auctions. Often there are 'box lots' which usually go for a buck or two. These are mostly overlooked and are full of surprises. A lot of times you will find odd dishes, nick-nacks, etc. suitable for yard sales but I have found a lot of treasures in them also. I bought one that had a vintage light fixture in it, got it home and researched it and found out it was worth about $200 restored. It was pictured in the Eaton's 1924 catalogue.
Another time I found an antique ginger beer bottle.

I have a Coltrock tobacco humidor that was in another one, that I found out was made by the Colt Manufacturing Company, Coltrock was the name given to the Bakelite it was made from, worth over $100 too.
So, next time you are at an auction don't be afraid to look into the boxes under the table, you may find a treasure of your own.

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