Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not In The Same Boat

Our boat restoration project is on again, with a different boat though. My husband ended up selling the 15' Evinrude last summer, he didn't want to mess repairing the fibreglass, but the guys that bought the boat work with fibreglass and knew how to fix it. He sees them once in a while and they are really happy with the boat and will have it in the water soon.

Here's the boat that he bought last night:

It is 19' and needs engine work and reupholstering but other than that it is sound. It was in the water last summer. There is a bunk inside which needs redoing:

and the bench seats on top need to be replaced along with the seat over the engine. The pilot seats look like they're in pretty good shape, at least what I could see of them, I held the camera up and took the pictures of the inside of the boat instead of trying to climb up into it.

So, I'll be shopping for vinyl for the boat seats in the near future. With any luck, we'll be out on the lake fishing before fall.

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