Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off To Emily

We will be off bright and early Monday morning, on our way to Emily Provincial Park in Kawartha Lakes for a little fishing on the Pigeon River. It is a 9 year tradition starting with our honeymoon at my sister's cottage in Cowan's Bay for the first three years. When they sold their cottage we just went across the river to the park since we liked the area and found some great fishing spots. Our first year at the park we just took a campsite, site unseen, what a mistake! There was no shade and we had a heat wave that week, the hottest temp. In the country, 98 degrees. We decided to ride around the campground in our air-conditioned van and look for a good site for the next year. We found the biggest, shadiest, driest site there was and we've been there ever since, we call as soon as we can to make our reservations so that we have our site. Last year we had to cancel because I had to have surgery so we are really looking forward to this year's trip.
Unfortunately, our boat won't be ready to take with us but it should be running by the time we get back, I can't wait for our first time out in the boat.

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